1. The state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people.
  2. The state of being free from public attention.
  3. The quality or condition of being secluded from the presence or view of others.
  4. The state of being concealed; secrecy.
  5.  The state of being free from unsanctioned intrusion: a person’s right to privacy.


The thing people treasure and keeping it in a safe box. No one must know about it, only you yourself knows whats wihin it. But what if someone invades this thing? Is trust still there? or at the same time, that person also invaded your trust to him/her.

When you trust someone, you can tell almost everything to him. Like    what I did to my bestfriend wich turns out to disappoint me and made me angry.

There is a situation where I need to do something or I think I need to get a file from my FACEBOOK page. I ask my best friend to open it and get that document for me and save it in a flash drive so he can give it to me at our school.

I never think that he will do something in my account because I know that he’s not that type of person, being curious in all things, and will check anything about my account. I know him and I TRUST him.

Once you trust your best friend there is nothing you can think of, especially when he acts nothing and doesn’t care about your stuffs. And it doesn’t cross my mind even once that he will even open my account again just to check something.

Facebook is just my social diary which connects me to people      

around me: my friends, family, classmates, relatives far away from us, and so on. I can chat anyone I want, mingle with friends, stalk crushes sometimes, post your recent activities. Do this and do that.

No one cares about what you need to do or what to think and say about your account. It is yours and it is your freedom to do anything about it.

Having privacy can gives you freedom at times , and you can do whatever you want. No laws but your owns self. You have your own rules and regulations.

           This morning, I have recieved a text from him. It was a group message. As I scan the message of him, I found ut he’s mad and even mention my sentence from my chat with one of my friend last night. I was so curious why he even know that sentence, and I’ve only said that to my friend which he doesn’t even know.

And it is SOOOOO IMPOSSIBLE that my friend I have chatted will tell it to him. The heck! They don’t even know each other.

Then I realize maybe he open up my account and scan through my messages. And it makes me so mad. I hate it when someone intrudes my privacy. He open my account without permission ! I’m really MAD actually. I cant’ believe it, he even manage opening it. For what reason?

Questions also crossed my mind: Is it the first time he opens my account? What’s the reason for opening it? Does he need some evidence? or whatsoever?

I still can’t make sure that he open my account until I realized     

I can check it if I open my account, and the notifications there are open. Once you check your account there is a thing that sign you have messages, friend request, and the notifications. I only saw the notifications, but there’s no messages for me.

I open my message inbox and saw many message, which only proves that SOMEONE OPENS MY ACCOUNT ! I’m so freakin mad right now. Then it concludes that the sentence in his message is “my sentence I’ve send to my friend last night”.

WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH HIM? My trust on him breaks. And I don’t want to see his fuckin face anymore! I really hate someone when they tries to invades my privacy. I think I need to talk to him once I’ve calmed my self. ARG!


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