March 03: Birthday=project day



(“I’m a little fairy that always glide around.”)

Thanks GOD He gives me another yyear to cherrish and make good memories with the people around me.

Well this year is the most memorable birthday for me. My friends and groupmates are all here due to our project in ECL. We need to finish and understand the electrical plan of our Resort.



Floor plans are scattered all over our table, laptops are all open for our ACADs and also our pens,rulers, books were all open for us to have resources and equipments.

We are having difficulty now because of the electric plan because all of us are CE students yet we need to study this.I know in the future, we can use this and we can also do electric plans with our structural plan.

We need energy for no sleeping night, so we need lots of food and because it’s my birthday today. My mom cook something for us. And we prepare chips, coffees.

My sweetest girlfriends brought this. nomnomnom!




CHOCOLATE FUNDAE :))) Marshmallows and biscuits! yummy :))


I hope we can finish this and we can sleep already ‘coz i’m really sleepy now -_____-


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